I´m a Graphic Designer specialized as a 3D Artist, animator and motion designer. In the last 15 years I've worked in the TV and Movie industries. From 2009 to 2014 I was part of the 3d team at Conspiracao Filmes, one of the biggest production companies in Brazil. In 2014 I was invited to join Koi Factory and lead the 3D department. Two years later, I became a partner and director at Koi.

As a 3D generalist, with a solid knowledge and experience in different areas of the computer graphics industry and in the production process, I've been coordinating and directing Koi’s 3D projects in the past 6 years.

Professional knowledge

3D generalist

 // rigging

 // animation

 // vfx

Motion Design


CG Supervision

Art Director


In my spare time, I really enjoy creating and trying new things. Lately, I've been improving my knowledge and techniques in some areas that I love, such as 3D printing, woodworking, photography and electronics. As result of this passions I've created some exclusive products for Teramar Design, that offers some beautiful home decoration objects.

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